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Opening "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century"

We were delighted with the large attendance at yesterday's opening of our exhibition "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century". The art historian Dr. Ingrid von der Dollen held an interesting eulogy about female artists in the XXth century and their fight for recognition. 

The exhibition presents artworks by Lotte Laserstein, Johanna Schütz-Wolff, Renée Sintenis and many other artists and will give you an idea of the creative potential of the Classic Modern Art’s paintresses and sculptresses and illustrate their independent contributions to the development of modern art through creativity, daring, and self-assertion.

Click here for a 3D-tour of the exhibition!

Impressions of the evening


String concert at Salongalerie

Thursday evening we welcomed the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra's string quartet in the gallery. Surrounded by the artworks of our upcoming exhibition "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century" the musicians played pieces by Fanny Hensel (née Mendelssohn) and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.  
We would like to thank the musicians for the outstanding performance and the Daniel Barenboim Foundation as well as the UBS for the support. 

The musicians


Book Launch Bruno Taut

In the light of our current November Group exhibition, the German Werkbund Berlin presented the newly published book “Bruno Taut. Visionär und Weltbürger” at our gallery. Members of the revolutionary November Group did not only include painters, sculptors, composers and authors, but also architects such as Bruno Taut. All of them wanted to shape the young republic both artistically and socially. 

The authors of the book Jenny Schily, Edzard Reuter, Thomas Flierl, Uli Hellweg and Unda Hörner spoke about their connection to Bruno Taut and his work.


Reviews of Our Current Exhibition

We are pleased to read the informative and far-reaching reviews of our current exhibition “Radical. Visionary. Nonconformist. 100 years November Group”, which were published on the 17th October 2018 by the “Berliner Zeitung” and the “Berliner Morgenpost”.
> click here for the article from the "Berliner Zeitung"
> click here for the article from the  "Berliner Morgenpost"



Opening of Our Exhibition “Radical. Visionary. Nonconformist. 100 Years November Group”

Yesterdays evening, accompanied by the great interest in our new exhibition, has brought us a lot of joy. We would like to thank all estate managers, collectors and visitors, who have contributed to this successful exhibition opening. We especially want to thank Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, Director of the Bröhan Museum, whose laudation has provided us with a comprehensive insight into the formation and spirit of the November Group that occurred 100 years ago.


Formed in 1918, the November Group is a child of the revolution. Thus she conveyed the democratic and liberal idea of combining art and the people, as well as being open for all contemporary stylistic directions.


Photos: Andreas Baudisch

Opening 100 Years November Group
Opening 100 Years November Group


For the Fourth Time Our Möwe-Team Flies through The Goal at The Cyclassics

The participation of our athlete team at Europe’s greatest cycling race, the EuroEyes Cyclassics, has become a tradition. On the 19th of August Peter Schimpf, Michael Meyer-Wilmes, Silke and Mario Hopka, have pedalled for our gallery “Die Möwe” for the fourth time and enjoyed the great route that stretches through Hamburgs city centre.
Thank you to the motivated athletes!




Opening of the Exhibition "Summer Studio by The Sea. The Artist’s Place Ahrenshoop”

Perfect matching with the beautiful summer evening we yesterday opened our new exhibition with artistic works of the sun and the sea. We thank the art historian Mrs. Dr. Ruth Negendanck for her informativ opening speech about the artist’s place Ahrenshoop and its more than 120 years of history.
In our presentation we show works by artists of the first hour up to contemporary art. It was a pleasure for us to welcome Vera Schwelgin, Karin Schöpa and Wolfgang Reinke to the opening who are currently finding inspiration in the expanses of the Darß' coastal landscape.



Opening of the exhibition by Claudia Wall and the art historian Dr. Ruth Negendanck
Opening of the exhibition by Claudia Wall and the art historian Dr. Ruth Negendanck


Opening of the Exhibition "Dieter Finke. Sculpture and Painting"

We were delighted to open our new exhibition with works by Dieter Finke – the first showing of his art since his death in 2011. This event was a rare pleasure for us, our guests and espacially for his friends. Forceful sculptures and paintings full of intensity and a fondness for experimenting stand side by side. This gives special insights into Finke's comprehensive œuvre.  
We are grateful to Dr. Viola Stephan and Constantin Stephan, the estate managers, for their support. Since Dieter Finke was awarded with the Georg-Kolbe-Prize in 1967, it was a particular honour, that Dr. Julia Wallner, the director of the Georg Kolbe Museum, introduced the exhibition.


Einführung in Ausstellung


Ausstellung mit Werken von Dieter Finke

Fotos: Andreas Baudisch


New Year’s Reception with Film Screening about Renée Sintenis

For over 30 years, the voice of the Berlin Bear was heard again for the first time on January 10, 2018. On the occasion of the finissage of our exhibition “Coat · Feather · Fin” and for welcoming the new gallery year we showed a long time forgotten 16mm documentary out of the archive from the former “Landes-Film-Dienst Berlin-Brandenburg” about the famous sculptress Renée Sintenis. Every year filmmakers are honoured with her bear-sculpture at the Berlinale Festival.
We thank Dr. Axel Roch, lecturer at the Art University Weißensee, for the screening of this historic film document which gives a vivid impression of the artistic work of Sintenis in image and sound.


Opening "Coat · Feather · Finn" on 29th September 2017

On friday, 29th September, we opened our exhibition "Coat · Feather · Finn“ which is devoted to the representation of animals in painting, graphic arts and sculpture. The art historian Dr. Miriam-Esther Owesle, managing director of the Guthmann Academy, introduced the exhibition with a marvellous eulogy. With her profound words and complex insights into the life of the artists, she highlighted the beauty and importance of the shown art. Therefore we thank her very much!

Opening "Coat · Feather · Finn" on 29th September 2017


Exhibition opening with Armin Mueller-Stahl in “Die Möwe”

Yesterday, we opened our new exhibition with paintings from Armin Mueller-Stahl. It was an honour and pleasure for us to be able to welcome the artist and his wife in our gallery “Die Möwe” and to share this experience with approx. 500 gallery visitors. We kindly thank the art historian Stefan Skowron for his Laudation and Frank-Thomas Gaulin from the Kunsthaus Lübeck for the good collaboration. The exhibition will be open until the 23rd September.
(Photos: Andreas Baudisch and Michael Meyer-Wilmes)


Vernissage mit Armin Mueller-Stahl | Foto: Andreas Baudisch

Armin Mueller-Stahl with gallery owner Claudia Wall
Armin Mueller-Stahl with gallery owner Claudia Wall


Artist Talk with Hanspeter Münch

We would like to thank the artist Hanspeter Münch for his spirited remarks and insights into his art. Through the use of colour, transparency and light, his paintings strikingly convey a special energy to the viewer. The internationally renowned artist, who lives in Karlsruhe, creates this energy by applying various delicate layers of colours. We are delighted to be able to exhibit two of his most recent works, which arose from his stay in India. The traditional Saris inspired him to create a series of paintings with atmospheric colour plays.

Artist Talk with Hanspeter Münch
Artist Talk with Hanspeter Münch


Opening "Summer Views"

During the Gallery Weekend, we introduced our new exhibition “SommerAnsichten” on the 29th of April, which contained paintings from artists such as Marie-Luise Heller, Hanspeter Münch, Ulrich Neujahr, Werner Scholz, Siegfired Sprotte and Werner Tübke. According to the motto “Colourfulness, Light and Lifestyle” we opened with a musical performance by the “Ensemble Abhörstation”, which reflected the most beautiful months of year that have long inspired artists due to its wealth of motives.

Musical Performance by The “Ensemble Abhörstation” | Photo: Andreas Baudisch
Musical Performance by The “Ensemble Abhörstation” | Photo: Andreas Baudisch


1. FC Union Meets Art – Paintings and Photos from Frank Rödel (Kopie)

According to the motto “Union Meets Art” we and the economic board of 1. FC Union e.V. invite you to a sales exhibition with works from the German artist Frank Rödel, in the Balletage of the Stadium “An der Alten Försterei” from the 17th March to the 14th May 2017.
Since the late 1980s, Frank Rödel annually explores virtually untouched Landscapes all around the world. These frequent expeditions inspire him to create impressive photos and works on paper. Viewing the blistering lava fields, archaise ice- and sand desserts and powerful ocean worlds become an extraordinary experience in the exhibition. Frank Rödel uses landscape art as a tool to express areas of his emotional world. In this way, works depicting incredibly high waves and bizzare Volcanoe landscapes in Hawaii reveal their breath-taking beauty but also their simultaneous unpredictable destructive power.
This lies in contrast to his City works, which trace back to his impressions of New York and Berlin. Through the use of colour, detail and technical complexity, his collages express the multiformity and colourfulness of these megacities.


Opening "From Yesterday to Today. 150 Years Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen“

We would like to thank all visitors of our opening "From Yesterday to Today. 150 Years Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen“. Our special thank goes to Ute von Hardenberg, chairwoman of the association Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen e.V., who held the opening speech.
In this exhibition we are presenting works by nearly 20 paintresses and sculptresses – from the late 19th century up to the present time.

Opening "From Yesterday to Today" on 13th January 2017 | photo: Andreas Baudisch
Opening "From Yesterday to Today" on 13th January 2017 | photo: Andreas Baudisch


Christmas holidays from 22 December to 13 January

On 22 December we go on Christmas holidays. We reopen on Friday, 13 January 2017, from 18 to 21 o’clock, with the vernissage "From Yesterday to Today. 150 Years Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen".
To all friends, visitors, and partners of the Salongalerie we say „thank you“ for their solidarity, their confidence in us, and the good cooperation. We would be happy to continue these relations in 2017, too, and to welcome you to our exhibitions. We wish you a merry Christmas and a good start into a happy new year! 



We invite you to champagne, christmas cake and art discoveries

During the advent season we present printed graphics and drawings by artists like Josef Hegenbarth, Edmund Kesting and Gerhard Marcks in our cabinet. Have a champagne and christmas cake with us and discover selected art pieces for exquisite christmas delights.
Our current exhibition with pictures by Herbert Behrens-Hangeler can also still be seen until the 22nd of December. We would love to welcome you in our gallery!

Josef Hegenbarth | Conversation at a Café Shop | ink drawing | signed | 20.5 x 23.4
Josef Hegenbarth | Conversation at a Café Shop | ink drawing | signed | 20.5 x 23.4


Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler

To our soirée we welcomed about 80 visitors in our gallery. It was a great pleasure for us to share our enthusiasm about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler with others. 

The discussion and the documentary film “Fluchtburg Fredersdorf” by Ursula and Günter Feist, broadcasted in 1995 by the SFB, recalled the artist’s personality, life and work.
Our special thanks goes to the family of Behrens-Hangeler, his former students, the art historian Dr. Sibylle Badstübner-Gröger and the literary scholar Paul Werner Wagner – they all made the evening an outstanding and emotional experience.

Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler
Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler


Article in the Berliner Zeitung

Today, a very contentful article about our current exhibition on Herbert Behrens-Hangeler has been published in the cultural calendar of the Berliner Zeitung. Thanks to the author!

Article in the Berliner Zeitung of 10/27/2016
Article in the Berliner Zeitung of 10/27/2016


Article about the Berlin Art Week on Hamptons Art Hub Online

The journalist Charles A. Riley from New York offers tips for the Berlin Art-Week: We are among them!

You can read the full article here.

Article about the Berlin Art Week on Hamptons Art Hub Online


Opening “Herbert Behrens-Hangeler. Stürze – Falle – Liege – Bin”

We would like to thank every visitor of yesterday’s Opening! The art historian Kathleen Krenzlin and the family of Herbert Behrens-Hangeler contributed to a fantastic and informative evening.

left: Kathleen Krenzlin, art historian and director of the Galerie Parterre


“The American Women’s Club of Berlin” in “Die Möwe”

Members of the “American Women’s Club of Berlin” visited our current exhibition “A Play of Forms. Curt Lahs and Heinrich Wildemann” today.

AWC Berlin visiting our gallery


Article “Dance and Animal” in the TAGESSPIEGEL newspaper (print and online)

We are very fond of the editorial interest in our gallery concept and our current exhibition “A Play of Forms. Curt Lahs and Heinrich WIldemann”. Thanks a lot to the TAGESSPIEGEL editorial office for the informative and positive article!


For reading the german article please click > here.


Opening “A Play of Forms. Curt Lahs and Heinrich Wildemann”

We would like to thank all of our visitors for their interest in our Opening of the exhibition “A Play of Forms. Curt Lahs and Heinrich WIldemann”, as well as the art historian Mrs Dr. Birgit Möckel for the impressive speech.

Mrs Dr. Birgit Möckel, art historian


Article in the art newspaper ZEITKUNST

We are very happy about the lovely article about our gallery and our current exhibition “Into the Open. Nude and Landscape” in the monthly newspaper ZEITKUNST.



Opening “Into the Open. Nude and Landscape”

While having summer temperatures, we invited to our spring exhibition’s opening into the open. The actor and author Bastienne Voss opened the evening with texts by Alfred Polgar. She was accompanied by “Hans die Geige” (‘Hans the Violin’).
The exhibition “Into the open” puts two of the most preferred themes of the Fine Art into an exciting dialogue, nude- and landscape paintings. With more than 60 pieces of work of 39 artists it is the most extensive exhibition of our gallery to date. The different techniques of painted human beings and nature portrait the parallel existence of different styles during the modern art.

Bastienne Voss reads Alfred Polgar.


Opening “Encountering Forces. Erwin Hahs between Abstraction and Representativeness”

Our current exhibition is dedicated to an artist who represents the concept of the gallery perfectly. During his artistic creations Erwin Hahs was forced to be resistant in thinking and acting against the two totalitarian systems. With more than 30 paintings from the estate of Erwin Hahs, the salon gallery presents the artist’s extensive and thematically diverse oeuvre. 
Since he taught as professor at the Burg Giebichenstein for a very long time, Hahs often is called the father of the Universitiy of Art and Design Halle. “Without him the castle would not have become what it is now”, Dr. Heinz Schönemann emphasized during his eulogy. He is the former director of the art collection Moritzburg and later the deputy director of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Potsdam.


Art historian Dr. Heinz Schönemann


Salon evening “Purpurgedanken” - reading out of Erwin Hahs’s diaries

During yesterday’s salon evening we got to know how rich in events and conflicts an artist’s life could be. Since our current exhibition shows paintings of Erwin Hahs (1887 – 1970), Lutz Harder read parts of the painter’s and graphic artist’s diaries. The actor starts with the 1910s and goes on until the mid 1950s so that family and history of the past come to life. Jazz musician Rolf von Nordenskjöld accompanied the reading musically with his own compositions.

Lutz Harder (on the left) reads the diaries, Rolf von Nordenskjöld (on the right) accompanied the evening musically.


Article in the art newspaper ZEITKUNST

The monthly newspaper “Zeitkunst” reports about our current exhibition “Encountering forces. Erwin Hahs between abstraction and representativeness” in their April edition.



Article in the newspaper “Neues Deutschland”

We thank Klaus Hammer for the meaningful article in the ND.


For reading the german article please click > here.


Article in the newspaper “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”

Karen Grunow from the “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung” writes about our current exhibition on Erwin Hahs.

Please click on the article to read the text.


art KARLSRUHE 2016

With plenty of interesting and inspiring impressions we came back to Berlin after five days. From 17 to 21 February about 50.000 friends of art came to the exhibition halls. We presented our gallery programme of paintings, graphics and sculptures of the modern art in hall 2.
The “Möwe”-Team thanks every visitor of our stand for their interest in our salon gallery and the very pleasant conversations!

Booth of the salon gallery on the art KARLSRUHE


Opening “The arc of life. Works by Sibylle Boden-Gerstner”

In presence of Sibylle Boden-Gerstner, 250 guests contributed to a very successful exhibition opening. The literary scientist Prof. Frank Hörnigk acknowledged the life and work of the 95 yeas old artist in a very personal eulogy.
Oil paintings, aquarelles, fashion illustrations, swatches and costume designs for DEFA- and TV movies draw the arc between the different life phases of this fascinating artist who lives up to today. The exhibition can be visited in “Die Möwe” until 27 February 2016.

Opening “The arc of life. Works by Sibylle Boden-Gerstner”