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At ‘art KARLSRUHE’ (16th to 19th February) with Drimecker, Hein, Behrens-Hangeler, Hahs and others, plus one artist show with animal bronzes and paintings from Finke
After its successful debut at last year’s international fair art Karlsruhe, the SalongalerieDie Möwe’ returns to bring forgotten classical modern artists back into the public eye. The Gallery will not only feature unique works from their Berlin repertoire but also new discoveries. First time treasures include the works of Gerhart Hein (1910-1998). Hein, whose artistic talent was discovered by Otto Mueller (a member of Die Brücke) in 1929, suffered repression during the Nazi Regime. Since he refused to display his works while alive, appreciation for his art first began ten years ago in cities such as Regensburg, Hamburg and Munich. Die Möwe surprises visitors with two compelling paintings previously exhibited by the Kunstmuseum Bayreuth and Museum Baden-Solingen. Hein created these masterpieces in 1956 when he started to abandon figurative painting.