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Coronavirus: information

We are very sorry that, due to the current situation, we will have to close the gallery from Monday, March 16, until further notice. 
A visit to the current exhibition "...from above" is possible after prior registration at or at +49 (0)170 7815 045.
All exhibited artworks by Zuzanna Skiba and Werner Drimecker can be seen here
We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you again soon in the "Möwe".
Stay healthy!


Media coverage of our current exhibition "...from above"

We would like to thank "Berlin-Brandenburg-Tipp" for the elaborate video coverage of our new exhibition "...from above". The report shows among other things an interview of the artist Zuzanna Skiba.
Click here for the video

You can find another exciting review of the exhibition on the blog art Depesche.
Click here for the article


Video of BBTipp
Video of BBTipp


Opening "...from above - Zuzanna Skiba and Werner Drimecker"

Together with numerous visitors and in the presence of the artist Zuzanna Skiba, we opened our exhibition "...from above" tonight. We were happy to welcome Ursula Wulff, Werner Drimecker's (1928-2011) partner. She recited two poems dedicated to her ausband's work. We thank the art historian Dr. Dorothée Bauerle-Willert for the interesting introduction to the work of Zuzuanna Skiba and Werner Drimecker. 

Zuzanna Skiba and Werner Drimecker not only shared their professional background as cartographers, but also a decades-long friendship. [Nbsp] In this first joint exhibition, their artworks continue - though wordlessly but in an eloquent manner - the dialogue that they once had led together.


Impressions of the evening with Ursula Wulff and Dr. Dorothée Bauerle-Willert
Impressions of the evening with Ursula Wulff and Dr. Dorothée Bauerle-Willert


Virtual tour of the exhibition

You can now take a virtual tour of our current exhibition "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century" on the artatberlin website.

Click here for a 3D-tour



Opening "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century"

We were delighted with the large attendance at yesterday's opening of our exhibition "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century". The art historian Dr. Ingrid von der Dollen held an interesting eulogy about female artists in the XXth century and their fight for recognition. 

The exhibition presents artworks by Lotte Laserstein, Johanna Schütz-Wolff, Renée Sintenis and many other artists and will give you an idea of the creative potential of the Classic Modern Art’s paintresses and sculptresses and illustrate their independent contributions to the development of modern art through creativity, daring, and self-assertion.

Click here for a 3D-tour of the exhibition!

Impressions of the evening


String concert at Salongalerie

Thursday evening we welcomed the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra's string quartet in the gallery. Surrounded by the artworks of our upcoming exhibition "The Feminine Statement. Female Artists in the XXth Century" the musicians played pieces by Fanny Hensel (née Mendelssohn) and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.  
We would like to thank the musicians for the outstanding performance and the Daniel Barenboim Foundation as well as the UBS for the support. 

The musicians


Book Launch Bruno Taut

In the light of our current November Group exhibition, the German Werkbund Berlin presented the newly published book “Bruno Taut. Visionär und Weltbürger” at our gallery. Members of the revolutionary November Group did not only include painters, sculptors, composers and authors, but also architects such as Bruno Taut. All of them wanted to shape the young republic both artistically and socially. 

The authors of the book Jenny Schily, Edzard Reuter, Thomas Flierl, Uli Hellweg and Unda Hörner spoke about their connection to Bruno Taut and his work.


New Year’s Reception with Film Screening about Renée Sintenis

For over 30 years, the voice of the Berlin Bear was heard again for the first time on January 10, 2018. On the occasion of the finissage of our exhibition “Coat · Feather · Fin” and for welcoming the new gallery year we showed a long time forgotten 16mm documentary out of the archive from the former “Landes-Film-Dienst Berlin-Brandenburg” about the famous sculptress Renée Sintenis. Every year filmmakers are honoured with her bear-sculpture at the Berlinale Festival.
We thank Dr. Axel Roch, lecturer at the Art University Weißensee, for the screening of this historic film document which gives a vivid impression of the artistic work of Sintenis in image and sound.


Artist Talk with Hanspeter Münch

We would like to thank the artist Hanspeter Münch for his spirited remarks and insights into his art. Through the use of colour, transparency and light, his paintings strikingly convey a special energy to the viewer. The internationally renowned artist, who lives in Karlsruhe, creates this energy by applying various delicate layers of colours. We are delighted to be able to exhibit two of his most recent works, which arose from his stay in India. The traditional Saris inspired him to create a series of paintings with atmospheric colour plays.

Artist Talk with Hanspeter Münch
Artist Talk with Hanspeter Münch


Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler

To our soirée we welcomed about 80 visitors in our gallery. It was a great pleasure for us to share our enthusiasm about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler with others. 

The discussion and the documentary film “Fluchtburg Fredersdorf” by Ursula and Günter Feist, broadcasted in 1995 by the SFB, recalled the artist’s personality, life and work.
Our special thanks goes to the family of Behrens-Hangeler, his former students, the art historian Dr. Sibylle Badstübner-Gröger and the literary scholar Paul Werner Wagner – they all made the evening an outstanding and emotional experience.

Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler
Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler


Salon evening “Purpurgedanken” - reading out of Erwin Hahs’s diaries

During yesterday’s salon evening we got to know how rich in events and conflicts an artist’s life could be. Since our current exhibition shows paintings of Erwin Hahs (1887 – 1970), Lutz Harder read parts of the painter’s and graphic artist’s diaries. The actor starts with the 1910s and goes on until the mid 1950s so that family and history of the past come to life. Jazz musician Rolf von Nordenskjöld accompanied the reading musically with his own compositions.

Lutz Harder (on the left) reads the diaries, Rolf von Nordenskjöld (on the right) accompanied the evening musically.