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Dear art friends,


In the past eight years we have successfully realized our gallery program in more than 30 solo and thematic exhibitions, focusing on works of classical modernism and art after 1945. By rediscovering artists who have unjustly been largely forgotten, we have set and continue to set a special accent in the Berlin gallery landscape, and in our exhibitions we have repeatedly spanned a temporal arc from Classical Modernism through the post-war period to the immediate present.


Even though we have left our quarters at Auguststraße 50 b, we will continue to devote ourselves to works of fine art. Your visits to the gallery and the many good conversations we have had with you over the years have shown us your appreciation for our gallery program and encouraged us in our work.


We will keep you informed about our projects through our newsletter. This much is certain, we will continue our search for traces in order to continue presenting works by forgotten artists, and in doing so we will open up new forms of exhibitions and events. We are already looking forward to your company and visits in digital and analogue space.


In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.


Yours, Claudia Wall and the Möwe-Team

Impressions of "We open our Art Cabinets"
Impressions of "We open our Art Cabinets"


Opening our Art Cabinets

Following the title of our new exhibition, we opened our art cabinets on November 19. 100 works by 52 artists span a temporal arc from classical modernism to the 1980s until December 17. The paintings, works on paper and sculptures gave the visitors of the opening many interesting new discoveries and re-encounters.
For the diversity of styles and genres, as well as multiplicity of artists' biographies, is at the same time a summary of our gallery program, which since the opening of the "Seagull" in 2014 has focused on the art of the Lost Generation and the postwar period in more than 30 presentations.
The current picture-rich overview of past gallery work also marks a turning point: "The Seagull" will leave its quarters at Auguststrasse 50b in the new year to strike out in new directions with a changed concept. In doing so, we will remain true to our heart's desire to inspire visitors for the visual arts.
Please feel free to visit us -  we look forward to seeing you!

Impressions of "We open our Art Cabinets"
Impressions of "We open our Art Cabinets"


Opening „KATJA MEIROWSKY – Back to the City“

Yesterday we welcomed a large circle of interested and enthusiastic art lovers to the opening of our exhibition "KATJA MEIROWSKY - Back to the City".
Paintings and works on paper by Katja Meirowsky, spanning chronologically and thematically from the early post-war years in Berlin to her long stay on the island of Ibiza, are the focus of the presentation. In addition, the exhibition with paintings and sculptures recalls the lifelong close friendship between the artist and two leading representatives of German post-war art: the painter and graphic artist Heinz Trökes and the sculptor Waldemar Grzimek.
In his laudation, the musicologist and director of the Trökes Archive, Manuel Trökes, paid tribute to the rediscovery of Katja Meirowsky's art. He recounted his personal encounters with Katja Meirowsky and, referring to letters written by his father Heinz Trökes, told of his parents' friendship with the artist, near whom the family lived on Ibiza from the 1950s onwards. These lively and authentic narratives brought the artist's personality closer to everyone and appreciated her extensive artistic œuvre in a special way.
We sincerely thank the custodians of the respective artists' estates. Without their support, the exhibition could not have been realised in this form.

Impressions of the opening "Back to the City"
Impressions of the opening "Back to the City"


Exhibition Cooperation WIEDERENTDECKTE MODERNE in Kelkheim

Last Saturday, 23 July, we opened the exhibition WIEDERENDTDECKTE MODERNE (The Rediscovered Modern) in the rooms of the frame manufacture from Thomas Müller. We were delighted to welcome numerous visitors from the Main-Taunus district and to receive extensive press coverage. "Die Möwe" will be on show at Bahnstr. 25 in Kelkheim until 8 October. You can find more information about the exhibition at


Opening "Hamburger Sezessionisten"

Yesterday we opened our exhibition "Hamburg Secessionists". After a two-year break due to Corona, we were once again able to invite you to an evening vernissage with a laudation. So it was a particularly joyful gathering and the evening offered us all the opportunity for a special enjoyment of art and stimulating conversations.
The founding of the Hamburg Secession in 1919 is considered the birth of the modern art scene in the city on the Elbe. To mark the 100th anniversary of the avant-garde artists' group, the Hamburger Kunsthalle presented an extensive exhibition. Dr. Karin Schick, Head of the Classical Modern Collection at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, was in charge of the exhibition. We were therefore extremely pleased that Dr. Schick took the journey to Berlin to introduce our exhibition. In her speech, she brought the Secession back to life and so we dived together into the turbulent times of the avant-garde.
Our thanks also go to the lenders of the exhibition: the Eduard Bargheer Museum, the estate of Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen and Emil Maetzel as well as private art collectors from Berlin and Frankfurt have supported us in being able to present the pictures of the Secessionists.

Impressions of the "Hamburg Secessionists" exhibition opening
Impressions of the "Hamburg Secessionists" exhibition opening


Gallery Weekend 2022

During this year's Gallery Weekend, we welcome our visitors with a special programme in the "Möwe": The sound artist Matthias Marggraff, also known as Prypjat Syndrome, spreads a multi-layered carpet of sound in the exhibition "Wolfram Beck. Sculptor": By plucking, tapping and bowing, the musician elicits melodies, rhythms and harmonies from his cello, which he underlays with sound effects using a loop station and electronic amplification. His improvised sound worlds fill the rooms with a special atmosphere: sometimes spherical and calm, then again poppy and propulsive or jazzy.

Gallery Weekend 2022


Participation in the exhibition ÜBERSCHAU at the CSR

Shortly before Gallery Weekend, the exhibition ÜBERSCHAU opened today in the Contemporary Show Room (CSR - supported by ART@Berlin) on 400 m2 in Quartier 205 on Friedrichstraße. The exhibition brings together the work of 35 artists represented by 15 Berlin galleries. We are pleased to be represented with works by the Berlin artist Wolfram Beck, to whom we are currently dedicating a solo exhibition in our rooms on Auguststraße. In the CSR, we are showing works by the artist in which he varies his gate motif in an exploration of the themes of transcendence, finitude and loss. In the constructive and colourful paintings with a strong spatial effect as well as the sculpture made of granite, Beck artistically expresses that worldly comprehension comes to an end at this very gate.
The exhibition can be seen until 21 May and is intended as the starting signal for a new series of art exhibitions: The CSR initiator and operator is the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin. Its aim is to make contemporary art and the work of its producers visible in a supportive way, to get more people interested in art, to reduce threshold fears, to test new concepts and formats that make people curious about art and make art education more attractive, to create a space for discourse and to promote social interaction.

Works by Wolfram Beck in the CSR
Works by Wolfram Beck in the CSR



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