The autumn exhibition of the Salongalerie “Die Möwe” is dedicated to artists of the November Group. Who were they, those “Novembrists”?

Following World War I, the November Revolution, and the proclaiming of the republic, Germany’s artistic avant-garde hoped for radical changes. In order to have a part in this social awakening, painters, sculptors, and architects of Berlin came together on 3 December 1918 to establish that group, which was named after the November Revolution. Soon after its foundation,  the group already had about 170 members. Writers, composers, and film-makers joined. A reform of the art academies’ teaching systems rated highly on the November Group‘s agenda.

The Salongalerie presents thematically diverse works by prominent Novembrists, among them Georg Tappert and Moriz Melzer, founding members of the group, as well as Herbert Behrens-Hangeler, Rudolf Ausleger and Fritz Stuckenberg. All the paintings, watercolours, gouaches, and prints date from the active period of the artists’ association, which in 1935 was forced to dissolve, under the pressure of the National-Socialist cultural policy.

Opening: Thursday, 16 October 2014, from 18.00 to 21.00

Speech: 18.30 Prof. Dr. Klaus Siebenhaar, director of the Institute of Art and Media at the FU Berlin


Georg Tappert Erwin Hahs
Curt Ehrhardt Martel Schwichtenberg
Moriz Melzer Rudolf Bauer
Herbert Behrens-Hangeler Gottfried Graf
Rudolf Ausleger Otto Möller
Fritz Stuckenberg  
Rudolf Ausleger | Stilleben | 1928 | Öl auf Malpappe | signiert u. datiert | 28,5 x 48,5
Rudolf Ausleger | Stilleben | 1928 | Öl auf Malpappe | signiert u. datiert | 28,5 x 48,5

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