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Werner Drimecker
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* 19 July 1928 in Leipzig; † 25 March 2011 in Bielefeld
German painter
After the devastating experience of the Second World War, Werner Drimecker builds a new spiritual world for himself and looks for a new expression in arts. Completing his education as a cartographer, that he had started in 1943, he gets himself a stable existence after the war. For a short time he studies under Max Schwimmer at the public college of graphic arts and book publishing in Leipzig. On account of political developments, Drimecker flees into the FRG in 1950. In Bielefeld, his place of residence since 1956, he starts to paint, autodidactically, in addition to his professional activities. In the decades that follow, in his studio, he creates portraits, nudes and landscapes, large-format oil paintings and abstract compositions. From 1963 to 1977, the artist teaches watercolour painting in adult evening classes. After his first journey by air, the artist starts in the late 1970s creating the ‘aerolandscapes’. Landscape as structures becomes an essential motif of his art. In the 1980s, collages of foam rubber and corrugated cardboard enlarge his œuvre. After his retirement in 1980, Drimecker intensifies his artistic activities. By 1998 he creates his main œuvre, the ‘head landscapes’. From 2000 to 2004 he creates his later work by resuming and redesigning the theme of ‘metamorphoses’ from the 1980s.