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Anna Gerresheim
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* 8 March 1852 in Ribnitz; † 1 December 1921 in Ahrenshoop
German painter and graphic artist
In 1892 Anna Gerresheim is one of the founders of the artists' colony at Ahrenshoop on the Darß. The fishing village and its surrounding landscape become the centre of her artistic work until around 1910. With paintings from the Darß forest and other landscape themes, the painter gains wide recognition. Additionally, etchings and woodblock prints are created.
Early on, Anna Gerresheim expressed  the desire to become a painter. In the 19th century women were denied art studies at academies, which is why she attended private painting schools in Dresden and Berlin from 1874 to 1880. During this time she painted mainly portraits and genre pictures. After visiting the artists' colony in Hornbæk, Denmark in 1880, she painted many views of the Baltic Sea. In the following years, the artist travelled for study and visited London, Wales and Paris for several months at a time. In 1881, for the first time, one of her paintings was shown in the Academic Art Exhibition in Berlin. During her painting holiday on the Baltic Sea in 1885, the artist first came to Ahrenshoop, where she took up permanent residency in 1895. When more and more artists left Ahrenshoop at the beginning of the First World War, the painter remained faithful to the place.
In 1928, seven years after her death, a memorial exhibition was dedicated to Anna Gerresheim within the Great Berlin Art Exhibition. In recent years solo exhibitions with the artist’s paintings took place in Ahrenshoop, Laren (The Netherlands), Rostock and elsewhere. In 2016, the German Amber Museum Ribnitz-Damgarten showed paintings and graphics of the artist. Works by her are in the collection of the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop and in private collections.