CLASSICAL MODERN. Historical and Contemporary Works by Female Artists

Our current exhibition “CLASSICAL MODERN. Historical and contemporary works by female artists” follows on from the presentation “The Feminin Statement”, which in 2019, on the occasion of the opening of German art schools for women 100 years ago, gave an insight into the creative potential of female artists of the classical modern. “CLASSICAL MODERN” now bridges the time span from the Weimar Republic through the post-war period to the present day.
The exhibition features artworks by representatives of classical modernism such as Else Hertzer, Erna Schmidt-Caroll and Katja Meirowsky with contemporary art by Ines Doleschal, Ute Hausfeld, Christine Jackob-Marks, Holle Vollbrecht and Caroline Wagner. Paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints and sculptures by these artists illustrate an admirable density and continuity of female creativity in the variety of subjects and styles.
Female Artists:

Ute Hausfeld | Gallery Visit | 2021 | acrylic, charcoal | 47.5 x 44 cm
Ute Hausfeld | Gallery Visit | 2021 | acrylic, charcoal | 47.5 x 44 cm



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