art KARLSRUHE 2022

At this year's fair, we are placing a thematic focus on the female side of art and the rediscovery of women artists of classical modernism. A large number of stylistically different works by female painters and sculptors will draw attention to the avant-garde of the Weimar Republic and art after 1945.
A special highlight is the painting "Madeleine with Mirror" by Lotte Laserstein, which was thought to have been lost. The large-format work from a private Swedish collection is being presented to the public in Germany for the first time. Lotte Laserstein emigrated to Sweden in 1937, where she painted "Madeleine with Mirror" in the 1940s. The semi-nude shows Margarete Jaraczewsky, called Madeleine, Laserstein's most important model in exile. The painting is reminiscent of the 1931 painting "Before the Mirror", for which Laserstein's Berlin friend and close confidante Traute Rose sat as a model.
The work of Lotte Laserstein, Katja Meirowsky, Margarete Kubicka, Marg Moll and Louise Stomps - like their struggle for equal rights - was part of the successful awakening of women in art in the 1920s and early 1930s. This process of emancipation and the promising careers came to an abrupt end after the National Socialists seized power. From then on, exile, inner emigration or political resistance in the underground determined the lives of women artists, before they were able to devote themselves to their art again after 1945 in newly won freedom. The Bauhäusler Fritz Kuhr and Gottfried Graf, who was a member of the avant-garde art scene around Adolf Hölzel, suffered similar fates. Their works as well as works by the painter Erich Franke can also be seen in the presentation. Today, these artists are among the most recent rediscoveries.

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