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Monika Meiser
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* 1946 in Schwerin, lives and works in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
German paintress and graphic artist
As an artist, Monika Meiser is autodidact. From 1965 to 1971, she studies mathematics at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. While working at the institute of social hygiene in Berlin (1972 – 1984), she continuously starts her artistic activities – drawing, taking photographs, and etching. The first cohesive group of works is created in the 1980s: aquatint etchings on the base of photos. They give an exact, almost documentary impression of the austere poetry that is radiated by the crumbling buildings of the 1870s, in East Berlin’s central districts. A change of her job in 1985 results in a freer choice of ways of expression, as well as in different themes. With a large presentation of her drawings she is admitted as a member of the association of visual artists (VBK). Her mentors are Volker Henze and Hanns Schimansky. The 1990s stand for a resumption of graphic art, with abstract silk-screen printings and etchings. From 1991 on, she works in her own rotogravure studio, giving printing classes as well as workshops. An increased preoccupation with colours results in large groups of works of abstract colour etchings, based on nature studies and often characterized by a lyrical general mood. Her watercolours as well as later on the stronger watercolour paintings with gouache and acryl-combined pigments are, for the most part, rhythmically stirring, high-contrast pictorial compositions, often associating natural impressions. In 2003, new inspirations and contacts are the result of a studio-scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, granted by the foundation Kulturfonds. Monika Meiser regularly goes on educational trips to European countries, often to Denmark. An invitation gives her the chance to spend some time in Southern Africa.
Since 2010, paper collage is a constant element of the artist’s paintings. Numerous exhibitions inform about Monika Meiser’s artistic way, from the beginning. Works by her are contained in private and public collections.