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Holle Vollbrecht
Object description

* 1948 in Leer (Ostfriesland)
Holle Vollbrecht (* 1948) has been drawing from an early age. For 30 years she has been fascinated by potatoes as an artistic motif. The result is a series of 32 drawings. The potato stands for country life. Every year a new becoming and passing away, every time the same thing happens both anew and completely different. Each drawing shows several stages of development at the same time. The result is not a photographic image, but a representation of a process.
She writes: “With its silvery inclusions, fiber paper as a picture base suggests a kind of constant liveliness through the reflection of light. The template also lives on unexpectedly during the sometimes months-long work phase. The shape, surface and color nuances of the potato change under the influence of temperature and lighting. These changes are incorporated into the enlarged image in such a way that the illusion of a uniform composition born from momentary observation can appear believable."
Holle Vollbrecht studies at the State University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig and then works as an art teacher for many years near Hamburg and in the rural area of ​​Hanover. Another focus of her artistic work is the color line cut. The artist lives and works in Brüggen / Leine.