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Egon Pukall
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* 10 March 1934 in Riesenkirch (West Prussia); † 23 September 1989 in Dresden
German painter and graphic artist
Egon Pukall’s paintings originate from his responsive musicality and his poetic sense of form. His work’s refined formal beauty is aligned with the late oeuvre of Henri Matisse, whom he greatly admired. Pukall reduces interiors to pure colour planes and abstractions. The window as a link and a borderline between inside and out is a major motif in his self-determined works.
From 1951 to 1957 Pukall studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. From 1961 to his death he lives and works at the Loschwitzer Künstlerhaus (artists’ house) in Dresden. During the rebuilding of the Semper Opera House from 1977 to 1985, Pukall is commissioned with the reconstructive work on the ceiling paintings of the upper circular lobby. He teaches painting and graphic art at the Bautzen branch of Dresden’s Art School. Dresden’s Leonhardi Museum honors him in 2009 with a big retrospective.