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Dieter Finke
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* 10 March 1939 in Berlin; † 8 May 2011 in Berlin
German sculptor and painter
With impressive intensity, originality, and a fondness for experimenting, Dieter Finke creates an extensive œuvre that, apart from wood, paper and bronze sculptures, comprises objects, paintings, drawings and photo montages. In his works he deals with space, light, transparency and movement. Endowed with drama and expressiveness, and often appearing archaic, his animal sculptures are particularly well-known.
From 1959 to 1965, he studies sculpture at the College of Visual Arts in Berlin, under Paul Dierkes, and as the last student of Renée Sintenis. In 1967 Finke is awarded the Georg-Kolbe Prize. For the first time an artist working non-figuratively receives this prize. The 1970s were especially intense for the sculptor’s pioneering. In 1974 he went to New York for some time, where he, as one of the first artists, began to create large-scale chalk drawings on wrapping paper. The artist’s first solo exhibition is in Berlin in 1976. In the following years, Finke lived mainly in New York. With the mid-80s a compelling alternation between New York and Berlin begins. Creative opportunities lead him to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as well as to Sao Paulo and Rome. His art is displayed in Germany, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and China, among other destinations. Dieter Finke’s works are part of numerous private collections.