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Constance Wibaut
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* 11 March 1920 in Amsterdam; † 27 January 2014 in Amsterdam
Dutch sculptress and fashion designer
Constance Wibaut studies sculpture at the New Art College and the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. Afterwards, she teaches at the Institute for Applied Arts. With her husband, the portrait painter Willem Kouwer Boomkens, she emigrates to the USA in 1950. Here she works, among others, as a fashion designer for women’s magazines, and she designs costumes for stage performances and television shows.
Apart from her work as a fashion designer, Constance Wibaut teaches fashion illustration, from 1951 to 1952 at the University of Houston (Texas), and from 1954 to 1956 at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in The Hague. Later on, she teaches costume history, costume design, and stage setting at renowned educational establishments in Amsterdam, Trier, and Calgary. She belongs to those designers who, in the course of the 20th century, establish fashion design as a new genre at the interface of art and fashion.
From 1985 on, Constance Wibaut exclusively concentrates on sculpture. So, in 2012, for the Amsterdam town hall, she creates the bust of her grandfather, Floor Wibaut, whose name is closely connected with the promotion of social house building in Amsterdam. For her artistic work she is honoured with several decorations , so she is a Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion.